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1 Issues regarding for 1st installment in respect of NMEO-Oilpalm- (Karnataka State) 18 Sep 2023
2 Pending issue for release of first installment under NMEO-OS -regarding 13 Sep 2023
3 Revalidation of fund of Rs.91.55 lakh for Centre of Excellence on Oil Palm with CAU, Imphal, Manipur for implementation of Scheme under National Mission on Edible Oil- Oilpalm (NMEO-OP) during 2023-24- reg. 12 Sep 2023
4 Corrigendum-Release of 1st installment to West Bengal under TRFA (Oilseeds)- correction in sanction date- regarding 21 Jul 2023
5 Illustration of release of fund under Centrally Sponsored Scheme vis-a-vis monitoring of SNA Account Balance in pursuance of Department of Expenditure in OM dated 09.06.2023 10 Jul 2023
6 NMEO Oilpalm-New head of Accounts -regarding 04 Jul 2023
7 NMEO-Oilseeds and NMEO-Oilpalm- Relaxation in certain provisions for release of funds in 2023-24- regarding 15 Jun 2023
8 The Advertisement and term of reference for engagement of one Technical Assistant(TA) purely on contract basis in Directorate of Millets Development, Jaipur (Rajasthan) under National Mission on Edible Oils(NMEO-OP). 10 Jun 2023
9 NMEO-Oilpalm- change of head of account- Dissolution of MoA for opening of escrow account- Opening of separate SLS for 100 % central assistance components- regarding 30 May 2023
10 Opening of separate SLS for 100 % central assistance components under NMEO-Oilseed and NMEO-Oilpalm- regarding 29 May 2023
11 Rapeseed- Mustard Front-line Demonstrations conducted during 2022-23-reg. 10 May 2023
12 Revalidation of unspent balance available with ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research (IIOPR) as on 1-4-23 for implementation of R&D project on Oil Palm under National Mission on Edible Oil- Oilpalm (NMEO-OP) during 2022-23 to 2026-27. 10 May 2023
13 GOI Scheme Code, Head Account for NMEO-Oilseeds and NMEO-Oilpalm- regarding 08 May 2023
14 Mapping of 4033 and 4034 under 4138:Krishionnati Yojna. 18 Apr 2023
15 Advertisement for engagement of Consultant purely on contract basis under NFSM Scheme during 2023-24 initially up to 30.9.23 in the Directorate of Wheat Development, Gurgaon. 03 Apr 2023